Sunday, April 29, 2007

Zvezda & IMEX Plastic Box Sets

I bought the Swedish box set from the Great Northern War series. Clipped them off the sprue, based them on a 60mm frontage and have tried to prime them. However, the primer is not sticking to good. Also bought an IMEX AWI British Infantry box set. I thought that this might be some quick, cheap and easy troops to fill out the armies of the League of Bittburg and the Kingdom of Ostenburg. Both sets were listed as 1/72 scale, yet the Zvezda are a "head" bigger and a bit wider than the IMEX box. sigh.

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Stokes Schwartz said...


Try getting artists' acrylic gesso and brushing that on to your figures (in a fairly thick coat)with a big brush. It sticks to plastic well and provides a superior base onto which you can later apply your individual colors. Normally, gesso is used by artists to prime canvases, but it works well for figure paiting too! Oh, if you haven't already, make sure you wash the figures in soapy water to remove any greasy release agents. Some guys also soak their figres in vinegar for a few days after the soap and water.

Yes, as you found, there is quite a degree of variation between some manufacturers as to what constitutes 1/72 scale. The IMEX are tiny next to Zvezda and Revell figures, which I prefer. Have a look at Plastic Soldier Review, which provides sizing information in millimeters along with each set review. Don't get discouraged. With a little practice, plastic soldiers have a lot going for them.

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Stokes Schwartz