Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Crimson Guard of the Royal Army of Ostenburg

Sitting on his great double eagle emblazoned throne; Johanniter III reigns over the Kingdom of Ostenburg from his ancient castle of Konig-Nacht which is nestled in the hills above the city of Altdorf, the capital of his kingdom.

Johanniter III is no fool, he knows that there are some in his court who do not approve of his reign. And so today he is going to take action to ensure his throne and his family's succession. Johanniter's most trusted advisor is his prime minister Ludwig von Wessen, together they have come up with a scheme to clear the royal court of the disloyal.

Speaking from his royal dais the King issues a decree ordering the creation of an new elite unit of the Royal Army, a unit which will act both as the king's personal bodyguard but also as the enforcers of his will. Thus the Crimson Guard were born.

The uniform of the Crimson Guard shall be comprised of three colors, red, black and white. I may even make them grenadiers although I'm not sure yet. I picked up a couple more boxes of 1/72 SYW infantry a few months back but since then I joined the Old Glory Army and am thinking of going with Old Glory's SYW range for the remainder of Saxe-Huack's and Ostenburgs forces. Bittburg (if it survives) can continue on with the army I've already painted up for them.