Sunday, April 13, 2014

Royal Emissary Arrives from Berlin

His Excellency the Count of Bragdenburg-Gotha
Fortenbras Palace, City of Huack.  His Excellency the Count of Bragdenburg-Gotha arrived by stage coach from Berlin. The Duke and his court, along with the Crown Prince assembled to greet him on the palace steps at Fortenbras.  "My Lord", exclaimed Duke Augustus with a smile which was followed by an equal measure of respect from the Count, "Your Grace" he said.  After exchanging greetings and nodding for the servants to see to the Counts luggage and men the nobles retired to the Dukes library.

"What news from Berlin, my Lord?" asked the Duke.  "Grave news I'm afraid." Said the count.  "Austria?" inquired the Crown Prince.  "Yes." came the reply.  The Count continued, "Austria has signed an alliance with France and Saxony against us.  The King wants you to end this annual war you have with Bittburg, at least for the time being, and help secure his Western flank from the French.  I travel to Bittburg tomorrow with the same orders.  Both sides will return their troops to their pre-war borders, recruit more, and muster your men to await further orders from Berlin."

The Duke did not like having regal interference from Berlin, and this was the second time he was ordered to end his operations against the rebels in Bittburg.  However the Duke knew what he had to do and thus said "Of course.  Tell the King he has our everlasting loyalty."  "It's your army he wants." smiled the Count.  "And your son." he said while turning to face the Crown Prince.  "Prince Heinrich wants him back as his adjutant for the duration of the war. If you can spare him?"  Before the Crown Prince could speak Duke Augustus broke in and said "I need him here.  He is one of our military commanders now and I have no one, at present to replace him with. Perhaps in time I could send him back to Berlin but at present it appears I will need him to command men in battle against the Kings enemies."  The Count nodded and after further discussions, wine and pipes Duke Augustus summoned General von Vorbeck, send word to our soldiers at once, to end their operations and return home immediately."
I contemplated switching this campaign from 15mm to 10mm and expanding to a greater force on the table.  However as I have yet to complete my 15mm armies I decided against this.  Instead of incurring more expense and time spent painting new armies all in a new scale I will keep 15mm and add more to it.  I want a grittier feel than what my ficitonal campaign against Bittburg is giving me.  So I think it's time to actually begin the SYW in earnest.  Now with that said let me be clear SYW with imaginary forces.  I will be swapping out some of my current forces for others and probably rebasing all of them.