Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Fantasy Campaign

I have wresteled with the decision of wether to blog my fantasy campaign. I decided that the trail I am taking with it is large enough to warrant it's own blog. So the Chronicles of Aeyr has been born at: I have posted much of the background fiction, and geo-political details.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Principality of Rondeau

While visiting his family's villa in the Barony of Lettow, Prince Albrecht decided to tour his family's great estate by horseback, during this tour of his lands the prince inadvertently crossed a small stream that bordered the Barony of Lettow and the County of Rondeau. (The County of Rondeau is the northwestern most county of the Union of Bittburg. It borders the Saxe-Huack barony of Lettow. The painting above commemorates the joy of the people of Rondeau and shows Prince Albrecht with a welcoming gesture as points back across the stream towards Saxe-Huack.) Prince Albrecht and his bodyguard had noticed a small crowd of twelve men standing opposite the stream and they rode over to greet them. As it turns out these men were the magistrates of Rondeau and had been on their way to the city of Lettow bearing a document forswearing the Union of Bittburg and formally requesting admission into the Duchy of Saxe-Huack; when good fortune smiled upon them and they noticed Prince Albrecht and thought it, to their great joy, that God had blessed them in their deed and had sent the Crown Prince of Saxe-Huack to accept their fealty and claim them as his people.

General Wilhelm von Bach, Chief of the Royal General Staff, was quoted to have said to the Prince, " I forbid you to go to war and yet you conquer while in your garden."

Duke Augustus was most pleased of this news and sent for the Rondeau magistrates and allowed them to stay in Fortenbras Palace and dine with him and his court. A few days later the county of Rondeau ceased to exist and the Principality of Rondeau was born. Thus it will be until the end of days that the Crown Prince of Saxe-Huack shall also bear the title of the Prince of Rondeau.