Saturday, February 27, 2010

Royal Geographical Society & Royal Africa Company

The Royal Geographical Society & The Royal Africa Company was established today with both academics from the Royal Academy, merchants throughout the realm and adventurers within the royal court. It's charter granted from the Duke allows for the exploration & colonization of Africa. The Society shall operate as an independent institution within the company and serve it's scientific and exploration duties. The company shall be entirely self-sufficient in all overseas endeavors.

The Board of Directors, Royal Africa Company
Governor: Baron Paul von Vorbeck, 10% share holder.
Director: HRH Duke Augustus von Lettow, 56% share holder.
Director: Baron Wilhelm von Bach, 10% share holder.
Director: Herr Heinrich Kiettell, 7% share holder.
Director: Herr Joseph Bonn, 5% share holder.

I have on my drawing board an idea for an 18th century African pulp adventure. I think I will go with 28mm figures for this project since it will be entirely skirmished based action. Of course I will post more once I decide upon the figures, rules and adventure synopsis.

Royal Navy Recruitment

HUACK, Fortenbras Palace. His Royal Highness Duke Augustus has called for the expansion of the Royal Navy, with both a permanent crew and company of marines for the HMS Diekirch, and new courses at the Royal Military Academy to train future naval officers.

I have the miniatures for the Royal Navy all in 15mm.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Fortenbras Palace Officer's Mess

HRH Duke Augustus von Lettow

Chief of the Royal General Staff
Major General Wilhelm von Bach
Note: General Bach was formerly the Royal Army Field Commander during the Eschian War. It was his brilliant strategies and tactics in that campaign that led to his elevation as both the Baron of Drax and the Chief of the Royal General Staff.

Adjutant of the Royal General Staff
Major Prince Albrecht von Lettow
Note: Prince Albrecht was called to Berlin and is currently serving as the adjutant to HRH Prince Heinrich General of Infantry of the Prussian Army.

Commanding Officer, 1st Brigade, Royal Army
Colonel Romulus Paul von Vorbeck
(Son of the Baron of Diekirch) Has lead the Royal Army as Field Commander during the whole of the 2nd Saxe-Huack-Bittburg War. Colonel Vorbeck has established himself as both an able commander and shrewd diplomat in dealing with the conquered towns and baronies of Bittburg. Colonel Vorbeck fought with distinction in the Eschian War as the commander of the Grenadier Guards.

Commanding Officer, Huack Regiment, 1st Brigade, Royal Army
Lt. Colonel Manfred Paulus

Commanding Officer, 1st BN, Huack Reg., 1st Brigade, Royal Army
Major Manfred von Jagow
(Son of the Prime Minister Baron Alexander von Jagow)

Commanding Officer, 2nd BN, Huack Reg., 1st Brigade, Royal Army
Major Heinz Aleshire

Commanding Officer, Grenadier Guards, Royal Army
Lt. Colonel Frederick von Kliest
(Son of the Baron of Mertert)

Commanding Officer, Lieb Grendier Guards, Royal Army
Captain Wilhelm Rommell
Note: The Lieb Grenadiers are the palace guards of the Duke. The Lieb Grenadiers are a rotational company of the Grenadier Guards. Each company selects candidates on an annual basis. On one occasion the Lieb Grenadiers were ordered from Fortenbras Palace to serve in the field as bodyguard for the army field commander during the Eschian War. During this war they saw action and served with distinction setting themselves as the elite unit of the Royal Army.

Commanding Officer, 1st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade, Royal Army
Lt. Colonel Alfred Sielditz

Commanding Officer, Artillery Battery, 1st Brigade, Royal Army
Captain Sepp Dresden

Commanding Officer, HMS Diekirch, Royal Navy
Captain Baron Siebrecht von Stueben
Note: Captain Stueben is the father of the Royal Navy. He used his close friendship with the Duke to persuade him to invest in the purchase of a frigate. Captain Stueben arranged the purchase, sailed and lead the scientist, merchants, explorers and crew of the HMS Diekirch, expedition to the dark continent of Africa, the first Saxe-Huack exploration of the continent. This journey more than paid for both the vessel, the trip and future treks back to Africa and beyond. This first adventure has established the Royal Navy as an indispensable asset to the Duke and his government and Baron von Stueben as a power within the royal court.

First Officer, HMS Diekirch, Royal Navy
Lt. Commander Wilhelm Riekker

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Saxe-Huack Royal Army - 1st Cavalry Regiment

Here is an early template for my 1st Cavalry Regiment, I can't seem to find one with an armoured breastplate. The regimental colors are ultramarine blue & white. Haven't decided on a regimental motto or the name of the commander yet. I did, however, finally sit down tonight and paint up my first model of the year. A 15mm armoured cuirassier for this regiment. I'll post pics once I have at least one stand or two completed. Thanks again to Not by Appointment for the awesome uniform templates.

Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 Master Paint Plan

I have removed my former paint tracker titled "The Pledge, 2010" and replaced it with a better catalog of my planned SYW painting activities for 2010. This represents steps toward a goal which is markedly more sustainable. A much better measure of progress. I have titled it "2010 Master Paint Plan" and it can found on the left under our awards.