Saturday, February 27, 2010

Royal Geographical Society & Royal Africa Company

The Royal Geographical Society & The Royal Africa Company was established today with both academics from the Royal Academy, merchants throughout the realm and adventurers within the royal court. It's charter granted from the Duke allows for the exploration & colonization of Africa. The Society shall operate as an independent institution within the company and serve it's scientific and exploration duties. The company shall be entirely self-sufficient in all overseas endeavors.

The Board of Directors, Royal Africa Company
Governor: Baron Paul von Vorbeck, 10% share holder.
Director: HRH Duke Augustus von Lettow, 56% share holder.
Director: Baron Wilhelm von Bach, 10% share holder.
Director: Herr Heinrich Kiettell, 7% share holder.
Director: Herr Joseph Bonn, 5% share holder.

I have on my drawing board an idea for an 18th century African pulp adventure. I think I will go with 28mm figures for this project since it will be entirely skirmished based action. Of course I will post more once I decide upon the figures, rules and adventure synopsis.


abdul666 said...

Exciting news!
Great minds think alike: daring exiles from Wittenberg are going oversea in search of adventures, fame and fortune.
Maybe the exemple will spread, perhaps a new dimension will soon be added to the interactions between 'EvE' countries?

Mad Carew said...

18th Century Pulp - excellent!

Archduke Piccolo said...

18th century...? 19th?
I once, long ago, had some such idea for 19th century (see my comment on this thread on EvE). Unfortunately (?) I discovered 'Horse, Foot, Guns', which seemed like a fun idea, so Ruberia and Azuria became Continental rather than Colonial powers... Aye, well...

tidders said...

The merchants of Wittenberg wish Saxe-Huack all the best for their venture in Africa.

-- Allan