Sunday, April 29, 2007

City of Esch Suffocated with Refugees

HUACK, Fortinbras Palace (DP) As many in the Duchy of Saxe-Huack know, indeed in all Germania, our noble lord Augustus has claim to the city and lands of Bittburg. A claim that goes back to the days of Charlemagne. A claim that he has cordially and honorably kept in title only, for the preservation of peace and good will between the Duchy and the League of Bittburg.

In recent days our southern city of Esch has been flooded with massive refugees fleeing the northern league lands of Drax and Pomerania. As you may now know the League of Bittburg recently passed laws declaring those two baronies as serf-lands. This was done in order to funnel "slave" labor for rich merchants, farms and the rapidly spreading industrial factories that are beginning to crop up in Europe. Many who would not be slaves have fled to our lands, particularly the city of Esch to escape this horrible fate. They call upon our duke to save them. Indeed many have sworn fealty to our duke and his appointed lords and ministers.

News of the crisis reached Fortinbras Palace and the Council of Lords. Prince Eric Von Lettow, Prime Minister and brother of the duke has presented an emergency bill in the council to extend temporary protection, food and shelter to the several hundred refugees in Esch. If the measure passes it will be presented to the duke for his approval. However the ambassador for the League of Bittburg, the hon. Herr Max Schultz has expressed his concern to our Foreign Minister and anonymous sources say that this was more a warning not to protect the "serfs" and to immediately expel them from our borders back into League lands.

Relations with the merchant dominated League and our people have always been tenuous. It seems that these recent events can only add to the strain. If you would like to help the refugees see your local baron, mayor or postal depot for more information. School children in Huack have already started collecting their pennfigs to send to Esch to help relieve the suffering there.

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Snickering Corpses said...

Hesse-Engelburg has sent an aid convoy towards Esch.