Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Duke of Saxe-Huack's Military Instruction to his Generals

I've downloaded Charge! from the files section at Old School Wargamers yahoo group. I like the rules and since I shall be solo wargaming and limited to a 4x4 playing surface I have decided to go with a "home variant" of these rules, mixed with some of the rules that the Duke of Alzheim posted on his blog. Notable changes and solo system as of the date of this post shown below.

Article I: Grenadiers and Infantry of the Line
The amount of privates in a company from 16, to 6 to 16.

Article II: Light Infantry
The amount of privates from 12, to 6 to 12.

Article VI: Militia
The amount of militia from 12, to 6 to 12

Article XV: Normal Musketry Fire
Short range: 0 to 12
Long range: 12 to 18, hits halved
Extreme range: 18 to 24, hits halved

Fire Effect:
Grenadiers: 1d6 per 4 men.
Line & Light Infantry in close order: 1d6 per 6 men.
Militia & Engineers: 1d6 per 8 men.

Solo System:
Enemy command & firing based on die roll. ie. 1: stay, 2. move towards objective, 3. move/fire towards nearest enemy. Enemy movement rated through die roll(s) based on unit and the units formation.

Augustus von Lettow
By the grace of God, Duke of Saxe-Huack, Margrave of Bittburg & Baron of Chaurmont
Major General (hon.) Prussian General Staff

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