Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Grand Army of the Frei Stadt of Bittburg

Mustered and ready to march forth to defend the Frei Stadt is my General Brendel's Army of Bittburg.  The army is 3 points shy of the full 25 I want it to have to field against Saxe-Huack.  Not sure where I want to spend those points.  Probably 1 more regular infantry and 1 militia.


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good!
I'm always interested in smaller wargame armies. This force looks nice and small. Do you have any particular rulesset in mind for playing battles with them?
(I skimmed back through previous posts, but I didn't find any mention of rules.)

abdul666 said...

A nice republican force!

abdul666 said...

Battles played with DBX rules, seemingly.

wargamer1972 said...

Yes I am an DBx gamer as stated at the top of the blog. The rules I've played here have been Vae Victus, HFG (Horse, Foot, Guns) DBA-HX, and HOTT. Out of all I prefer HOTT.