Thursday, January 17, 2013

Battle for Lentz

The day after capturing the village of Goetz the Royal Munchhausen Brigade set out on march towards the town of Lentz.  Upon entering the outskirts of town they were met by Major Haus's Freihauble Regiment supported by four companies of local militia.  The two sides deployed their forces as shown in the artist rendering below.

Initial deployment with the town of Lentz directly behind the Freihauble Regiment of the Union Army.

Major Haus advanced his cavalry and militia towards the wooded areas to secure them from enemy use ordering their officers to await there to ambush the royalist forces as they advance between the woods.  However the elite Royal Grenadier Guards of the Munchhausen Brigade were already entering the wood.  Colonel Kliest advances the brigade with the jaegers leading in front.  The far left jaegar company suffered a hit from the union artillery battery.  However the Royal Artillery Battery puts paid to a company of militia.

The royalist forces advance while the union line holds firm allowing the cavalry and militia to capture their objectives.

The Guards and the union cavalry fight it out in the bad going, with the Guards quickly overcoming their enemy.

During the advance both artillery batteries lob shells at the other sides forces.

Union infantry fire on the Guards only emboldening their resolve to bring the fight to the enemy.

The militia companies break out of the woods charging and shooting wildy at the jaegars whom with cold nerve turn to face their enemy.  Meanwhile the Grenadier Guards advance closer to the enemy line.  The Union Artillery Battery suffers great hits from the Royal Artillery and abandon the field.

Guards and union infantry enter melee, while another company of union infantry advance to flank the Royal Jaegars while they are fighting the militia.  Colonel Kliest directs his brigade from the center of the field, boldy staying atop mount despite the whizzing musket fire.

Close up of the militia and jaegars in combat while Colonel Kliest directs the battle.

Close up of the Royal Infantry shooting at the Union Infantry while the Grenadier Guards fight a desperate contest on the flank.

Final straw, the Royal Infantry hails lead down on the Union side destroying the resolve of  the enemy forcing them to abandon Lentz to Royal mercy.

Close up of Colonel Kliest and his staff.

Close up of the Royal Infantry firing upon the Union line.

Final disposition of troops as the enemy begins to break.  Major Haus  unable to rally his men orders a general retreat back to their barracks at Freihauble and dispatches an urgent message to General Brendel and the Union Assembly.

The unit's in the painting above distinguished themselves and the Royal Army in battle and have earned battle honors.

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Barry Taylor said...

That was a great little battle and awesome pictures, so things are not looking good for the unionists thus far.