Friday, December 21, 2012

Grave Insult...

While travelling through Bittburg on his way to visit family in Bavaria, Captain Johann Baden, Royal Army was set upon by three dirty looking beggars of the Bittburg Militia.  They threatened the Captain at gunpoint, robbed him of his coin and horse, cut off his right ear and forced him to return to Saxe-Huack which took him several days without food or shelter.  Captain Baden, being a veteran of the Royal Army soldiered on and made it to the Royal Army Post in Munchhausen, where he is recovering from his ordeal.

Word has reached the Duke at Fortenbras Palace.  "An attack upon the Duke's officers is the same as an attack on the Duke himself." the Crown Prince was quoted as saying to the ministers and officers present.  It was agreed that unless the three militia bandits were turned over to suffer the Duke's justice then the Royal Army would march upon Bittburg once more, this time not stopping until the Ducal Standard was hoisted from the National Assembly.

Dispatches were quickly sent to Berlin, Munich and Bittburg.  In Bittburg the Prime Minister, his cabinet and General Brendel convened an emergency meeting.  The Prime Minister's cabinet urged that the 3 militia men should be caught and handed over.  General Brendel bristled at this and chastised them saying "If we are to betray our own soldiers then we all deserve neither liberty nor life." and he threatened to resign and return to the East India Company.  After private discussions with the Prime Minister and then the cabinet, the order was given for General Brendel to prepare the army for invasion.

After receiving word from Bittburg that they regrettably could not comply the Duke turned to his staff to prepare for the coming conflict.  After much discussion the Duke turned to Colonel Vorbeck, naming him Brigadier General and said "General Vorbeck, seek out and destroy the enemy."  General Vorbeck nodded, snapped to attention, and proceeded to leave the palace to carry out the Duke's wishes.

In Bittburg, General Brendel issued an order for the arrest of the three scoundrels that brought war upon their fledgling state yet again.  After they were caught, he had them summarily executed by firing squad.

I have almost finished the Bittburg Army and hope to have it field ready by Christmas.


joppy said...

So I was about to comment that it looked like we'd be having the War of Baden's Ear, when I spotted it among the labels. Looking forward to it.

abdul666 said...

Sounds merrily promising: best wishes!