Friday, December 7, 2012

Deep in the Duchy....

Deep in the duchy, in the village of Braums which lies in the Barony of Diekrich 5 miles southwest of the City of Diekirch a frightening event has occurred.  A local carpenter, Andulin Stromsietz, was out hunting boar alone in the Black Forest.  The day was growing dim as sunset was fast approaching.  Andulin decided to return home before dark and as he made his way through the wood on his return trip, he began to hear the snap of twigs and leaves not to far behind him.  He quickly lowered his musket and spun around and it's a good thing too.  For about 10 yards behind him he claimed stood a great wolf.  The largest wolf he had ever seen or heard of.  It's red eyes locked on his, but as a veteran of military service to the Duke; Andulin did not give in to fear.  This seemed to give the great wolf pause.  Andulin slowly raised his musket, took steady aim for those red eyes as he squeezed the trigger.  BOOM, the shot rang loud through the forest scaring birds to flight.  But after the smoke of the shot disappeared the wolf was gone.  Andulin quickly slung his musket and pulled out his sword.  His eyes strained searching for the beast but to no avail.  Andulin made due haste in returning to the village where he rang the market bell and called out the villagers to tell them of what he had seen.  Surely this is the villain behind the recent herd killings that have been plaguing the Barony.  Below is an artist sketch of Andulin and the Great Wolf of Braums.

Andulin Stromsietz encounters the Great Wolf of Braums in the Black Forest deep in the Barony of Diekirch.
I've painted up the first 4 models for my 18th Century horror side campaign set in the Duchy of Saxe-Huack.  Three Dire Wolves and a 1 peasant hunter so far.  More to come in the coming months.

Three Great Wolves, as named by the folk of Diekirch, left to right: One Eye, Lucifer and Stripe.


abdul666 said...

Werewolves in the 'tricorne' era are always great! What about a Red Riding Habit lady?

wargamer1972 said...

Lol, that would be a good idea for a peasant or damsel in distress.