Thursday, September 8, 2011

Royal Army Jaegers

In just a few short weeks Colonel Prince Albrecht fulfilled his orders to establish a Jaegers Battalion, in fact the Prince went beyond his commission and established a regiment. Two battalions of three companies, with the Crown Prince as their commanding officer. The regiment will be known as the "Prince's Own." Being a former guard officer the Prince chose green jackets with red collars and cuffs for the regiments uniform. Prior to the Prince leaving Berlin, he arranged the purchase of rifles to arm his regiment. Each jaeger is promised a rifle to keep as a reward for service. The Prince is building a small barracks for the regiment at the Royal Army camp in Huack. In normal times only a single battalion shall be on duty at a time, the rest will be placed on half pay and sent home. In times of war both battalions will be available for march. If the Prince has his way, the Jaegers will be the new rapid strike force of the Royal Army. The regimental colors are shown below.

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