Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Frei Stadt of Bittburg

City of Bittburg: After having finally won recognition from the great powers of Europe as a sovereign nation, the Revolutionary Council held elections to form a parliament. The old Margrave's palace was refurbished and was chosen as the home of the National Assembly. At the first session of the National Assembly the Revolutionary Council officially disbanded, although it's members were now elected to the Assembly. The Assembly elected Ludwig Stauffenberg Prime Minister and he assembled his cabinet in the west wing of the Margrave's palace. The Assembly also promoted Albert Brendel to Brigadier General and left the army in his capable hands. A national flag was chosen and is now flown above the National Assembly and in every town and village square.

Frei Stadt of Bittburg

Fearing that the Duke of Saxe-Huack still harbors his claim as their Margrave, the National Assembly voted a tax to fund the army and modernize it. General Brendel was most pleased.

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