Monday, June 22, 2009

The Royal Academy of Arts & Science - The Royal Military Academy

Using some of his newly acquired wealth from the conquered lands in Bittburg, Duke Augustus ordered the construction of the Royal Academy of Arts & Science in our capital city of Huack to serve the scholarly and scientific interests of our nation.
Furthermore the construction of a cadets barracks and seperate military science college has been established on campus and together will serve as the Royal Military Academy. Cadets will learn art and science at the Royal Academy as well as military science at the RMA.


Prinz Geoffrey said...

If one has a young gentlemen of proper station, how would one apply for this institution?

Auston said...

The Academy's doors are always open to gentlemen and the aristocracy.

Prinz Geoffrey said...

We have a young nephew that may submit his credentials via emporer vs. elector to your esteemed academy.