Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Proclamation....

After the fall of Munchhausen, the second largest city in the Union of Bittburg; many towns and villages have been stricken with panic and fear in those besieged lands. A group of wealthy men from Bittburg made their way in secret to Rome. Shortly thereafter a letter from the Holy See arrives at Fortenbras Palace. The letter acknowledges that any lands gained by our Lord Augustus will be recognized as his rightful property and estate except for those lands immediately surrounding the city of Bittburg itself. The letter was sealed with the papal signet. Seizing upon this the Royal General Staff issued the following proclamation.

From His Royal Majesty, Augustus, Duke of Saxe-Huack, Margrave of Bittburg and Rightful Prince of Ostenburg.

In the Name of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. So be it.

To all who shall see these presents, greetings.

Article 1. Be it known that a state of war exists between the Duchy of Saxe-Huack and the Union of Bittburg. That a Holy Crusade is made to free the Bishop of Bittburg and restore him to his throne.

Article 2. There shall be no truce or parlay given with the Revolutionary Council of the Union of Bittburg nor those whom work the council's wicked will.

Article 3. Be it known that those Christian parishes and cities that desire peace and heretofore renounce any and all allegiance and ties with the Union of Bittburg and wish to surrender themselves to the mercy of His Majesty's Royal Court shall have their parish annexed within our realm, their crimes against God and our sovereign pardoned, a transitional Royal Citizenship granted and their private property guaranteed.

Article 4. Be it known that all those whom shall ignore this proclamation and refuse it's mercy shall be regarded as rogues and subject their lives, property and fortunes as forfeit.

Augustus von Lettow
Duke of Saxe-Huack, Margrave of Bittburg, Rightful Prince of Ostenburg.


Capt Bill said...

Sounds reasonable to me!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Oh isn't it nice to have the support of Rome?

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

Ah, a real pretender!

abdul666 said...

'Interesting times' ahead!
Good to see this part of Urope back to full 'activity' - cheers!