Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cast of Characters

I thought I would reintroduce my characters and to a small extent show the pedigree of some.


Duke Augustus von Lettow
Duke of Saxe-Huack, Margrave of Bittburg, Baron of Charmont & Rightful Prince of Ostenburg

Current monarch of Saxe-Huack. The von Lettow family have held the Barony of Charmont (western Saxe-Huack) since the creation of the duchy. Augustus's great-grandfather was raised as the Duke of Saxe-Huack by the Reich Emperor at the creation of the Duchy 140 years ago.

Wether the von Lettows have claim to the title of Margrave of Bittburg is a question that is likely to be debated in blood for some time. Duke Augustus claims that the last margrave had promised him the title before he died.

As for Augustus's claim as the Rightful Prince of Ostenburg is another sketchy matter. The von Lettow family tree has it's roots in Ostenburg. Augustus's great-grandfather was the 7th son of the King of Ostenburg. Saxe-Huack was created by the Treaty of Charmont between the Grand Duchy of Burgundy (in my fictional world it's still around) and the Empire. A pestillence in Ostenburg killed off much of the von Lettow royal family. The present Ostenburg royal family, the Johanniters are the descendants of Maria von Lettow, and her husband Prince Frederick von Johanniter son of the Duke of Hesse-Ehkel, thus the von Johanniters now rule as the Kings of Ostenburg. Maria was the 2nd child of King Ludwig von Lettow and was Augustus's great aunt. Due to constraints placed upon him by the Emperor & the Treaty of Charmont, Augustus's great-grandfather was not allowed to return home to Ostenburg and assume the throne there as the oldest surviving male heir.

This has been a thorn with the von Lettow family in Saxe-Huack for 140 years. The duke's ambitions and sense of family honor push him to assert his claim as King of Ostenburg. It should be noted that the political landscape in the Reich has changed and the ties that bound his great-grandfather to being content in Saxe-Huack are virtually non existent.

Alexander von Jagow
Prime Minister, Baron of Dinante

The von Jagow family is an ancient one in Saxe-Huack. Closest friend of the Duke, Alexander von Jagow has unquestionable loyalty and a razor sharp political intillect. He is highly respected both at home and abroad.

Jaap von Beuligen
Bishop of Saxe-Huack

His Excellency the Bishop of Saxe-Huack is an admired and well loved primate of the Holy Church in Saxe-Huack. At 89 years of age, he is one of the oldest Bishops in Europe. In times past he has served as the Dukes ambassador in more cordial affairs of state.

Brigadier General Wilhelm von Bach
Chief of the Royal General Staff, Baron of Drax

The von Bachs were awarded the Barony of Drax after the Eschian War or 1st Bittburg War. General Bach at that time commanded the army as Colonel and had distinguished himself as a great commander and diplomat.

Colonel Romulus Paul von Vorbeck
Commanding Officer Royal Army

Son of Major General Paul von Vorbeck (ret.) former Chief of the Royal General Staff. The von Vorbecks hold the Barony of Diekirch. Colonel Vorbeck previously served as the Adjutant of the Royal General Staff. Presently Colonel Vorbeck has upheld his familys honor and is proving an able commander and astute diplomat.

Prince Albrecht von Lettow, Major
Crown Prince of Saxe-Huack, Adjutant Royal General Staff

Son of the duke & heir to the throne. Prince Albrecht distinguished himself as a Captain of Grenadiers in the 1st Bittburg War. Leading his company of Grenadier Guards in a ferocious charge against enemy forces barricaded in a church. Burning a church was not an option for the pious and zealous Crown Prince. Prince Albrechts request to be reassigned as a field commander in the Grenadier Guards so that he could lead men in the present conflict was flatly refused by the Chief of the Royal General Staff saying "You have led men in combat, young prince. Now you must prepare for greater responsibilities that can only be learned here at Staff Headquarters."

Captain Manfred von Jagow
Commanding Officer, Battery A, Royal Artillery

Son of the prime minister. Captain Jagow is an adventorous and promising young officer. Like his father he has a sizeable intellect and he has a keen interest in both artillery and cavalry tactics.

Lieutenant Wilhelm Rommell
Platoon Leader, 1st Royal Infantry Regiment

Eyes are starting to turn to this young officer due to his fortitude, dependability and courage. Army officers are seeing the possibility of promise in young Rommell.


Revolutionary Council of Bittubrg
Similiar in setup to the directorate of the French Revolution. The council really stepped in it when they arrested the Bishop of Bittburg. However much lies ahead and who knows what the outcome of the present conflict will be.

Max Hiddenburg
Bishop of Bittburg

Presently under arrest in the Tower of Bittburg under trumped up charges of crimes against the people and union.


King Frederick von Johanniter III
King of Ostenburg & Duke of Hesse-Ehkel. The present monarch of Ostenburg. Questions have been raised as to his suitability to rule, indeed some of his ministers and barons are considering overtures to Duke Augustus.


Snickering Corpses said...

An excellent overview, and I like the variety of interplay you have between your three countries. Should give fodder for plenty of battles to come.

abdul666 said...

A well constructed, promising setting. Looking forward to discover new uniforms as you design them - afak those of Ostenburg are as yet totally unknown?

Best wishes,

Bluebear Jeff said...

Certainly an interesting set-up . . . now if only Koenig Maurice the Vile of Stagonia will keep his greasy hands off of the situation.

-- Jeff of Stagonia

MurdocK said...

I like the musik option you now have and will add that I would like to 'see' these characters!