Saturday, February 23, 2008

Battle of Edsenburg (Bishop's Crusade or The 2nd Bittburg-Saxe-Huack War)

News has spread throught the duchy of Colonel Romulus Paul von Vorbeck's victory over the pagan army of the Union of Bittburg in the battle for the northern Bittburg county of Edsenburg. From the small village of Pree to the great city of Huack, people are celebrating and offering thanks to God that injuries to our army were slight. Indeed more people are beginning to see this latest outbreak of hostilities as a genuine Holy War with God on our side.Colonel Vorbeck setup his headquarters in the great town hall of Edsenburg and dined there that night with his officers, church clergy and local worthies whom had remained loyal to the Holy Church. The next morning the former priest of the town of Edsenburg reopened the doors to his church and held mass. Some church property was relocated but the most valuable and greater portion of it all had been ensconced to the city of Bittburg.

Colonel Vorbeck appointed a new mayor from amongst the local church congregation and detached a platoon of infantry to remain behind in the town to provide security. The rest of the army marched off on their quest to free the Bishop of Bittburg.

The picture above shows the two forces arrayed for battle from the side of the Bittburg Army which today was commanded by my son James. Normally I solo-wargame. Four elements of the 12 that made up the conscript/militia of the Revolutionary Union of Bittburg's Army were held in reserve. I had 15 elements including 1 field artillery element (Joy of an army with royal patronage). I deployed 6 line elements in the center with 3 line elements on my left with the 1 element of artillery. Also at the center were Colonel Vorbecks retinue element and 1 element of the Grenadier Guards. On my right were the 3 remaining elements of the Grenadier Guards.
The Bittburg militia moved their forces forward with their right wing occupying the trees, tavern and church seen on the right. The enemy commander moved his group forward and took cover on the side of the great hall while the left wing marched to intercept the Grenadier Guards behind the great hall.

I moved my forces up while firing rounds from my artillery at the center line of the enemy. My left wing exchanged fire with the enemy that occupied the tavern area for most of the battle. The results of the musket fire on this part of the field kept both forces from engaging in melee combat. Meanwhile my center advanced on the great hall and the Guards moved steadily forward and destroyed the left wing of the enemy and approached the flank of the enemy commander. However the battle ended (Bittburg lost 6 elements) before we could capture the enemy general as he fled the field in disgrace with his remaining forces.

My son and I enjoyed this battle. He claims that he wants to assume the identity of either Bittburg or Ostenburg and raise his own army. That would be nice, and something I would enjoy as well.

In other news I have purchased 2 more box sets of 18th century 1/72 plastic infantry; Austrian and Prussian. I have had for some time a box of AWI British cavalry but have yet found time to assemble them up. I have also been playing paintball, which is quite fun. I decided that I probably have too many hobbies and have stopped playing the MMO Eve Online. In other sadder news my father passed away on the 11th. I miss him very much.

I am debating about sending some of my lead and plastic to Sri Lanka to be painted by Fernando Enterprises, his rates seem reasonable and he has a good rep over at TMP.


abdul666 said...

my most sincere condolences for your father -I remember so well when I lost mine, then my mother, even if I'm now at an age that would make 'natural' that my daughter loses *her* father...

Very enjoyable report of, certainly, a very enjoyable game. And now you have an opponent at home! I was never so lucky -my daughter was more receptive to the appeal of video games: enjoy your luck! And of course, we would *like* to discover the army of Ostenburg, and more of the levy of Bittburg...

'Too many hobbies'... the reverse of the coin: better too many than none. 'MMO Eve Online': nothing to do with the 'Emperor vs Elector' campaign, I hope?

Best regards,

Snickering Corpses said...

My condolences also on the loss of your father. I am so sorry to hear that.

Eve Online is an online science fiction game, Jean-Louis. :)

Very nice report of the battle, and especially the interactions preceding it.

Fitz-Badger said...

Condolences on the death of your father.
Congratulations on the possibility of your son getting involved in this hobby with you.
Nice battle report.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I too offer sympathy for the passing of your Dad.

It is fortunate that you have the opportunity to further bond with your son at this time.

On a more prosaic note, might I inquire as to what rules you are using?

-- Jeff

Auston said...

Dear friends,

Thanks for all the kind words. The rules I play with are Vae Victis, a mod for De Bellis Antiquitatus (DBA).