Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Prelude to War

The sanctuary camp for the refugees from Drax and Pomerania was attacked by company troops from the merchant guild in the Barony of Drax, League of Bittburg. One night guard from the city of Esch was slain in the attack along with 6 refugees. The attack happened around midnight, a total of 20 refugees are reported missing. It can be concluded that this was effectively a slave raid.

The League of Bittburg's ambassador in Huack reportedly has been expelled from the duchy. Sources have it that the ambassador tried to explain away the attack as the actions of one private company and not a state act. The duke retorted "that the entire league is a corporation, nonetheless those in Bittburg are responsible for the actions of those they issue charters to."

Shortly thereafter Major General Paul von Vorbeck, Chief of the Royal General Staff, ordered the active army towards Esch under the command of Colonel Wilhelm Bach. Also a call for volunteers has been put out by the Royal General Staff.

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