Thursday, May 3, 2007


After the death of the man that signed their paychecks, the mercenary army of the League of Bittburg quickly disbanded and the men quickly left the region for other parts of the Empire and western Europe. With their army gone, the citizens of Bittburg rose up in revolt against their merchant rulers and took over the capital of Bittburg. The merchant leaders were hung and a new interim government installed. With Saxe-Huack's army securing the Barony of Pomerania before continuing their advance towards Bittburg, the new government quickly sent messengers to the Grand Duke of Burgundy asking him to serve as mediator and to Col. Bach to press him for peace.

Therefore the Congress of Bittburg was formed to bring an end to the war. Upon arriving at the congress, Duke Augustus greeted Col. Bach by saying "Hail, Wilhelm von Bach, Baron of Drax." The colonel smiled broadly, bowed then said "There are some who would say usurper." At this they both laughed then proceeded to the city hall.

The Revolutionary Committee lead by their Revolution Minister Ludwig Stauffenburg apologized for the aggression of the merchants, and asked that the Royal Army of Saxe-Huack depart their lands. It is the premise of the Revolutionary Committee to secure their borders and create a new republic from the ashes of the League. Duke Augustus concurred with the formation of a new state but refused to cede the baronies of Drax and Pomerania, claiming instead that they were his. After a heated debate, Min. Stauffenberg raised his voice in question to Duke Augustus demanding to know by what right were the baronies of Drax and Pomerania his? The duke calmly replied "Because my army is all over them." At this the representative of the Grand Duchy of Burgundy bowed his head to hide his smile and then stood and raised his hands to restore order to the council. So after several hours of negotiation peace was settled, a new nation born, and the Duchy of Saxe-Huack had grown larger.
Map of the Duchy of Saxe-Huack and the Revolutionary Union of Bittburg as outlined by the Congress of Bittburg after the end of the First Eschian War.

As a result of the heroic actions of the Royal Army several promotions were rewarded to those deserving. The following officers are noted for heroism and duty to the Duke.

1. Colonel Wilhelm Bach, promoted to Brigadier, granted the title of Baron of Drax and the legal privilege for his family of being known as "von" Bach.
2. Major Romulus Paul von Vorbeck, promoted to Colonel.
3. Captain Albrecht von Lettow, son of the Duke, promoted to Major and assigned as Adjutant Royal General Staff.
4. Lieutenant Manfred von Jagow, son of the Baron of Dinante, promoted to Captain.

Also the Barony of Pomerania is dissolved and those lands now invested with the Baron of Esch.


MurdocK said...

Huzzah! for
Wilhelm von Bach, Baron of Drax!

from the Duchy of Mieczyslaw

Bluebear Jeff said...

Hmmmmm . . . it looks like there are a lot of small states there for your Duchy to gobble up . . . only if they misbehave, of course.

I like what you've started here. It has a very nice "feel" to it.

-- Jeff

AUSTON said...

The smaller outlined areas are baronies/districts within the realm of the city-state of Bittburg. And, yes indeed, I shall march my army over them all if they misbehave!