Sunday, February 8, 2015

Old Enemies Die Hard...

With the Treaty of Hubertusburg signed those forces of Saxe-Huack and Bittburg involved in the Seven Years War returned home. The result on the homefront from the war for both these countries was pretty much the maintenance of the status quo. The only noticeable changes are that both states now have militaries with hardened veterans and that General Albert Brendel has become the de-facto ruler of Bittburg placed into power by his army with critical acclaim from the populace. The Bittburg Revolutionary Council had little choice than to declare him "Lord Protector of the Union of Bittburg." His first act was to dissolve the hated Revolutionary Council. The Lord Protector prefers his own advisors.

General Brendel proclaimed Lord Protector.
In Saxe-Huack there was some loss at the top with Generals von Bach and von Vorbeck being killed in the war along with Colonel von Brach formerly of the Grenadier Guards. Upon the armies return to home Duke Augustus makes his son Crown Prince Albrecht, the new rank of Marshal of Saxe-Huack and the new commander-in-chief of the Royal Army and Royal Navy as well as the head of the Royal General Staff. Duke Augustus has made all matters military the Princes responsibility. The first act of Marshal Prince Albrecht was to reestablish the Leib Grenadier Guards to protect the Royal Family and Fortenbras Palace.

I have my 15mm forces for both sides rebased from their former DBx basing to new 1" square bases based upon my new homegrown rules. The command elements for both sides have been shrunk and placed on skirmish size round bases as they can move about to enhance or rally their army.

Saxe-Huack now has 3 full regiments of infantry. 1st Huack Regiment (line troops) the Grenadier Guards and the Jaeger Regiment.  Cavalry models are in the process of being prepped for painting. I will post pictures of the forces once I've completed flocking their new bases. I believe these changes as well as the fictional changes will allow the grittier campaign feel I've been longing.

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