Wednesday, December 23, 2009

His Majesty's Ship The Diekirch

Introducing the Fregatte Diekirch, our exploration and commerce ship newly purchased in Amsterdam by Baron Siebrecht von Stueben upon order from the Duke. The ship is named after the Saxe-Huack city of Diekirch. Aboard ship you can see young Lieutenant Wilhelm Rommel of the Grenadier Guards, his platoon will serve aboard ship during it's maiden voyage of discovery as security, since Saxe-Huack does not have marines, yet!

A host of scientists and students from the Royal Academy, merchants throughout Saxe-Huack, and a few officers of the Royal General Staff are due to set sail from Amsterdam towards Africa, to forge a colony for overseas trade.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ivory, Spices, Gold, and many other valuable items may soon be flowing into Saxe-Huack . . . may the new year bring much prosperity home to you.

-- Jeff

Frankfurter said...

I'm sure the natives will enjoy the fresh meat too!

A J said...

A worthy enterprise and an elegant vessel for the purpose, to be sure. May we see photos of her fully rigged-out?