Friday, September 14, 2007

Army Reorganization

HUACK, Fortinbras Palace (DP) Today the Duke presided over the retirement of Major General Paul von Vorbeck, Chief of the Royal General Staff. General Vorbeck retires after serving in the Royal Army for over 45 years. Foreign dignitaries in attendance were Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Seydlitz of Prussia and Lt. Colonel Charles Cornwallis of Great Britain. The Duke has appointed Brigadier Wilhelm von Bach as the new Chief of the Royal General Staff.

As I mentioned in my last update I am expanding into 15mm models in addition to my 1/72 & 25mm models. The 15mm will be my "travel" army while the bigger scales I can still enjoy at home.

Also to more realistically reflect the armed forces of a small state I have decided to reorganize the force structure of the Royal Army. These reforms will be known as the Bach Reforms, since the new Royal Army Chief implemented his new vision for the Royal Army. Prior to this I was playing that one element (stand) of models represented one battalion, I've now decided that one element shall be equal to one company. The 1st Grenadier Guards re-designated to the Grenadier Guards. The Guards will be a "half-regiment" comprised of an over-sized battalion of 5 companies. The Lieb Grenadiers are restructured into one company that draws it's members from the best of the Grenadier Guards.

In 15mm I have based and primed the 1st Regiment and the Regiment of Grenadier Guards and organized the regiments as fols:

1st Infantry Regiment
2 Battalions of 3 infantry companies and 1 HQ/Support company each.

Regiment of Grenadier Guards
4 grenadier companies and 1 HQ/Support company.

I will be ordering 15mm artillery, command and cavalry blister packs shortly from Essex Miniatures via Wargames Inc. I'm wanting to get my models out and have a battle, maybe have the Duke order Bach to invade Bittburg and put paid on the incredulous peasants for daring to form a non-regal form of government, this is what happens when you let the masses learn to read! (heh, just kidding) After all the Duke has claim to the title Margrave of Bittburg. However, I know that once I have that battle it'll lead to another one and that will require changes to the regional map which requires the use of a pc, and since I don't have a laptop to take with me in the truck yet, I shall wait! I'm also working on a fantasy wargame-rpg campaign using a mod of HOTT-DBF-Great Hordes in a setting thats a mixture of high & dark fantasy. This will allow either the communists of Bittburg or that vile monarch in Ostenburg respite until All Hallows Eve to see their pleasure done, for on that night I shall visit my ruin upon them.

Please note that the fantasy campaign has nothing to do with my SYW project aside from delaying battles at the present.


abdul666 said...

New minis, new armies, an exploding campaign backed by a parallel RPG one: great news!
Please keep us aware of the developments. And don't forget to take photos as soon as you have painted would it be a single stand, for our pleasure.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I must say that I've always liked the HoTT rules (much better than DBA) . . . but I'm not familiar with DBF or Great Hordes . . . what are they?

-- Jeff

Auston said...

DBF is the fantasy variant of DBM. Great Hordes is a mod for HOTT written by the wargamers of the TULSA AREA WARGAMERS CONFEDERATION.

Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi there Auston!

Glad to see you back here planning new armies and campaigns. Please keep us posted on everything.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

MurdocK said...

Excellent that you have returned to post yet again.

More MORE!